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DPRK Trip Review - 2012 Victory Day Tour

by Milos

North Koreans practicing for the Mass Games in Kim Il Sung Square

North Koreans practicing for the Mass Games in Kim Il Sung Square

Finding a trip for the right price was my main concern. Airfare to Asia is already so expensive, so finding a tour that had enough packed into it for a good price was necessary, which is just what I got from KTG.

I loved the countryside from the moment I saw it, and getting to see (in some cases meet) many of the locals showed me the situation there bears looking into, not just falling for the stereotypes, even though many of those also are true. It was my first trip to Asia, and I am glad it was such a positive one as it left me eager to return both to Korea and the continent as a whole.

The drives through the North Korean countryside were great, the unadulterated landscape in particular. Apart from the few farms and settlements, there is a quiet emptiness about it that does not exist in America (at least not in the suburbs where I live). Not to mention that the bumpy roads and few driving restrictions make for some wild rides at times.

It was exciting interacting with people eager to know my opinion on their country, especially as an American, who don't get to talk to outsiders that often. And the tour itself was very good - very well planned and executed with no time wasted; and the Arirang performance, brought the whole tour together for me.

I would recommend KTG! My interaction with the KTG staff was very positive and very prompt, obtaining a visa through them was no problem and the price was just right!

I would definitely go back if I had the resources, and have every intention of doing so later in life.

Visited: July 2012

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