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April trip 2014

by Ane

Dear Rayco,

Sorry for my late reply, but we have been in Seoul and now we are finally home.

First of all I would like to thank you for delivering our book a the hotel and
for all your travel tips in Beijing. They were useful and we appreciated it!

And then, DPRK, what an experience! The whole family sends you greetings and we all had an incredible experience. The guides were really nice, especially
Pang:) We went out drinking with them two evenings and got to talk quit a bit.
That was really nice.

The program was interesting and everything went smooth. If we could change
one thing, we would have liked to visit a hospital or a kindergarden, instead
of one of the monuments on Sunday. Just a suggestion:)

We all had an unforgettable trip with many impressions. Thank you for all your
help Rayco and KTG!

One question, if we would like to send something to Pang, she said we could send it to you and that you bring it the next time you go. Are you okey with that? And
can we write what we want?

Hope you are doing fine.


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