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by Roch-Alain Poirier

I went to the DPRK for 5 nights for the National Day Tour in 09/09/09

We were a small group of 7, so had more flexibility than the bigger groups. For instance, we saw the civil Pyeongyang Circus, and mass dances during the National Day, which were not really in the 'travel package program'. The guides were young, and enthousiastic, funny and kind and were so very helpful.

Having been in the south for 3 years, it was such a great chance to see the north. It is completely different over there. I am so used to seing the 'westernisation' of the world and all it's vices that to see a true socialist independant country was very refreshing.

I admire the Korean People for the resourcefulness, and capacity to withstand outside influence while maintaining their culture and integrity. (both N and S)

I encourage every one to visit the DPRK and see for themselve what the big fuss is all about. It's really about not understanding another who is different and does things differently.

I recommend Korea Travel Gateway for all your DPRK travel needs!

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