• KTG traveller playing games in North Korea (DPRK)

2014 Victory Day Tour

by Michael P.

Thanks for organizing this amazing experience!

My main concerns were airplane safety, if payment sent would not arrive, the political situation and detention of tourists. However, everything was very well organized and the standard of travel and the facilities were better than expected. What I liked most were trips to the countryside, the circus and the Victory Day celebrations. I also enjoyed that I got to know this unique country and understand its system, met nice people from DPRK and abroad and the fact that I can tell friends and family from my experiences.

Will recommend KTG since I can confirm that everything was organized very well and that the company can be trusted.

Furthermore, that your service is excellent (meeting before tour, etc). A great experience! Please think of follow-up e-mails with information about special tours you offer in the next years. I would be very interested to visit DPRK a 2nd time.

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