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2012 Summer Tour Review

by Lloyd

Solicalising with tour members at Minsok Hotel

Solicalising with tour members at Minsok Hotel

My main concern about going on this tour was being hassled by officials about taking photos or carrying my gear.

However, this trip offered me a new, far more visceral understanding of cold war history and the proxy battles being fought between East and West in the name of political ideology.

There was a lot to like about this trip, but for me, the opportunity to see the state circus was a highlight. We saw stunning acts of human ability that were at times heart-stopping and laugh-out-loud funny. This kind of performance is rarely seen in the West these days.

This trip was really a unique opportunity to see the cold war through a different lens, to stand back and literally see south part of Korea...from the other side! Also really enjoyed meeting and travelling with such an interesting international group of people.

I would certainly recommend the KTG tour to DPRK. We were well looked after, enjoyed comfortable lodgings, great food and fantastic company.

We saw some of the preparations for the mass games, and I would consider going back to see the real thing!

Don't miss the opportunity to visit DPRK.


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