• KTG traveller playing games in North Korea (DPRK)

2012 North Korea June Group Tour

by Steffi (& Philip)

At Friendship Exhibition Centre with our Local Guide

At Friendship Exhibition Centre with our Local Guide

I had my worries before going to the DPRK. These were mainly:

- uncertainty about how DPRK officials react when we tourists do not act accordingly with their expectations (e.g. sanctions if we forget to bow in front of a monument, take an inappropriate picture)
- political instability, for making a long-term booking for summer vacation
- lack of information how to travel within this country
- lack of recommendations from friends
- the cost, a bit expensive to travel (North Korea plus flight to Beijing)

However I found this trip to be:

- mind-blowing insights into this country
- very safe for travelling
- very convenient for travelling, as everything is organised and 1 western tour guide, 2 Korean guides plus 1 driver are always around
- great atmosphere within the group
- very open communication with the guides

What I liked the most about the tour was:

- to compare socialist to capitalist developments within Korean peninsula
- the landscape
- ambivalence of sights
- flexibility of tour guides to adjust the program (e.g. spontaneously include circus performance)

I'm also glad be among the few Westerns to having visited this country and have a chance to experience one of the few reamaining socialist countries.

I would recommend to travel with KTG due to its:

- professional organiziation (immediate feedback, even on weekends; clear instructions)
- ability to suggest changes to the program

I would definitely go there again!!!

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