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Specialists in promoting North Korea Travel, at KTG DPRK Tours & Information we organise tours to one of the world's most secretive and less visited destinations in the world; the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK, commonly in known in the West as North Korea).

People of North Korea

Our aim is to allow people discover this fascinating and captivating country so as to increase the level of interaction between the DPRK and other countries.

Going to North Korea is not something done frequently and it is our top priority to ensure that you make the most of your experience in the DPRK whether going with a group or individually.

Mass Dances in the winter in North Korea

We work directly with Pyongyang and provide tours in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese... To communicate with us you can do so in English, French and Spanish as we have a strong multicultural team that will be able to deal with your enquiries.

Taeson Evening funfair in Pyongyang, North Korea

Whether it is because of the impressive personality cult to the country's Leaders, its 1970s style buildings combined with a feel of a 1950s China, its unpolluted sceneries, the warmth of its people or the colossal communist monuments in Pyongyang, a trip to the DPRK will be an unforgettable one. The vast majority of our customers simply describe it as being the most interesting place they have ever been.

North and South Korean soldiers at the DMZ (Panmunjom) on the North Korean side (DPRK)

If you are simply interested in knowing more about the DPRK please browse our website as we have a lot of information on North Korea tourism and the DPRK in general.

About Us

We are in daily contact with our Korean partners in Pyongyang and have, over the years, earned their trust and built a solid relationship with them.

Western tourists playing a shooting game in Sariwon, North Korea (DPRK)

However, our enthusiasm and curiosity regarding any shape and form of North Korea travel remain boundless.

Curious North Korean children smiling at the sight of a Westerner

We are aware that there is great interest in North Korea Travel and that many people are fascinated by this mysterious country but simply feel that there is not enough information out there. As a result we provide tours as well as a variety of information related to the DPRK. By doing so we feel more people will have the chance to visit the DPRK. This in hand will increase the potential number of people deciding to work, cooperate and having cultural exchanges with North Korea, ultimately benefiting locals.

Middle School in Pyongsong

We therefore try to show as many aspects of the DPRK as possible, covering issues such as updates, history and the economy of North Korea so as to allow our web viewers see the overall context of the country before visiting it. Regardless on whether you will travel to North Korea or not, we are always happy to answer any queries you may have regarding the DPRK.

Our Website

If you would like to contribute to this website, or if you have any questions you would like to ask us or other people who visit our site, please feel free to leave any comments or queries in our North Korea Travel Forum or to drop us an email at any time. We will also be adding comment sections on some pages of our site where you are welcome to write down your views, no registration required.

The Ryugyong Hotel seen from the DPRK National Institute of Embroidery in Pyongyang, North Korea

You can follow too our updates on our new Google+ page.

Our Tours

When it comes to our North Korea Travel philosophy, our goal is to increase contact with locals as much as possible, arranging visits not only to the main highlights of the country but also to places that show what life is like in North Korea and that allows for interaction with Koreans. Examples are visits to cooperative farms where you can see where farmers live and work, schools as well as places where Koreans mingle, allowing our travellers to see how they live and to join them in some of their leisure activities.

Picture taken on a walk in downtown Pyongyang, North Korea (DPRK)

We have known the Korean guides that work with us for several years now and this enables us to have more flexibility upon arrival in the DPRK.

We also constantly work on new projects and alternative forms for people to visit North Korea. Please contact us for more information regarding this.


2015 North Korea Tours
north korean propaganda poster

Small sized group tours

DPRK Interactive Map
North Korea interactive map

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Latest Updates
3 March 2015 - Quarantine Lifted

First Westerners able to enter DPRK without having to go via quarantine since the end of October 2014.

23 February 2015

We have just been contacted from Pyongyang with news that the Pyongyang Marathon has been cancelled for foreigners. Please stay tuned for more updates.

23 October 2014

We were contacted earlier today by our Korean partners regarding the country being closed off as of tomorrow to tourists because of fears of ebola. We are contacting travellers going to DPRK with us these coming weeks and hope to have more clarity regarding this issue these coming days. We currently have travellers in Korea and they have not been asked to leave Korea early.

12 September 2014 Cycling Tour Extenstions!

Please check details on our cycling tour routes in North Korea. Please contact us for more information.

19 August 2014

We were notified last week that the Mass Games will not be held in 2015 either. If there are any changes regarding this we will keep you updated.

8 July 2014

Direct flights between Yanji and Pyongyang are running twice a week. Ideal for those interested in visiting Rason after a trip to Pyongyang. See more information on this route and on the new DPRK domestic flights.

1 July 2014

Mt. Paekdu extensions available from July 15th! We were notified last week that our partners in Pyongyang will run regular flights to Mt. Paekdu. Please contact us if interested in going. Extension available for group departures and private tours.


"The whole experience was actually even better than I thought, especially the Mass Games which I can’t even find words to describe."

October tour - rehearsal of DPRK military parade

P. Simon - attending the Ocotober 10th Military Parade rehearsal

"We had a very enlightening trip and were most impressed with how well organised it all was...and would not have changed anything..."

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P. Clarke

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