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A surreal experience

by Christoph

People dancing in Pyongyang

People dancing in Pyongyang

Hi guys,

We certainly did enjoy the trip! It was almost a surreal experience (it certainly felt that way after we got back to Beijing). North Korea ranks very high on our list of exotic destinations, and the trip was fantastic. Our guides were a lot of fun, especially Mr. Kim, we had lots of fun playing cards with him at night :-) The group itself was an interesting mix of people and we all got along really well. I think that a few friendships will remain after this trip. The size of the group was great - we saw the larger groups and were very happy that ours was only 6 people.

Here are the best things that we experienced (in this order):

1) Mass games

2) Schoolchildren's palace

3) DMZ (both places)

4) The big park in Pyongyang (where people BBQ and sing and dance... and one woman started dancing with me, haha).

5) mass dance

6) all the monuments that have a really socialist touch to them (for picture taking), including the mausoleum (where we saw Kim Il Sung, which was great)

Apart from that, the guides and the group were really great!!! (but I focused on the sights in the list above).

Thanks very much for all your help in planning the trip!


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