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Longest Train Ride in North Korea | 30 Hours with no Guides!
November 28, 2021

The Longest Train Ride in North Korea

30 Hours without any Guides to Rason

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Just over 4 years ago, in 2017, Rayco from KTG, took what was a pioneering trial train route that had just been made available to foreigners; the Pyongyang – Rason train. Our partners in Pyongyang had asked us to see what we thought of this route as an option for travellers.

Yep, he took the longest train route in North Korea and with no guides, heading to the far northeast of the DPRK, bordering Russia.
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So, what’s it like to take the longest train journey in North Korea, over 30 hours, without any guides?

Needless to say, an amazing and surreal experience!

Destination: Far Northeast

As you may know, Rason is a special economic zone located in the far northeast of the DPRK bordering Russia and China’s Yanbian Korean Automous Prefecture in Jilin Province.

Three countries; China, Russia and the DPRK

Yanji, China
See what it was like to slowly snake our way up to the far northeast of North Korea with thousands of Koreans getting on and off this seemingly endless train, going through remote rural areas and major industrial cities like Hamhung and Chongjin, crossing through a domestic “border control” and ending by the sea in the DPRK’s most renowned special economic zone after having said goodbye to our Korean travel companions who were to head on to Russia.

Rajin city centre, Rason
Once in Rason, casinos, banks, huge markets with thousands of people, seafood factories and a Czech bar awaited us...

Casino in Rason, North Korea
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