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The Hyangsan 6* Hotel 6* | Luxury in midst of nature. See one of the most luxurious hotels in DPRK.
October 31, 2021

The Hyangsan Hotel

Luxury in the Midst of North Korean Nature

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You may have read that the Chongbang Hotel in Sariwon has been finally completed. We look forward to staying there, hopefully sooner than later!

Today we will explore one of the most luxurious hotels in the DPRK, and see what is was like before it was completely transformed.

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Not in Pyongyang

Nestled in between lush coniferous forests in the northern interior of the DPRK, in North Pyongan province and bordering Changan province, lies an unexpected guest; the Hyangsan Hotel.

After about a 3 hour drive Northeast of Pyongyang, and as you meander your way up along the beautiful crystalline waters of the Chongchon River. through pine trees a tall, pyramid, sci-fi looking structure will appear in sight. Welcome to the Hyangsan Hotel!

But it wasn’t always so swanky...

Back in the days, the Hyangsan Hotel was a low budget hotel.

Its retro decoration, architecture and location in the middle of apparently nowhere but close to two enormous windowless buildings permanently guarded by soldiers holding silver AKs and built inside a mountain housing hundreds of thousands gifts that include signed basketballs, bullet proof cars, trains and a plane, made it look like straight out of a 1970s James Bond movie.

Soldiers guarding the International Friendship Exhibition Centre in Mount Myohyang

The Hyangsan Hotel in 2008

KTV at the hotel back in the days

The hotel lobby then

The hotel lobby now
After several years of renovation, the hotel was completely transformed and is now one of the crown jewels of tourism in North Korea. Top of the range indoor pools and saunas, sumptuous meals, a lavish lobby, ritzy coffee shops and tea houses, tennis courts and some of the comfiest rooms you will find in the DPRK, make the Hyangsan Hotel one of the best in the country.

Would you like to find more about the surrounding area of this hotel, what its rooms look like and what it is like to eat there?

Then please read our full article!
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