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Kim Il Sung University | A Training Centre for National Cadres in the DPRK
June 18, 2021

Kim Il Sung University

A Training Centre for National Cadres in the DPRK

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Today we'll take a tour of the most prestigious university in the DPRK; Kim Il Sung University.

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Kim Il Sung University was founded just over a year after Korean liberation from Japanese colonial rule, on 1 October 1946. Chairman Kim Jong Il attended this university from 1960 to 1964 and over 5,000 foreign students, mostly Chinese, have studied there.

Secret Location

The university was moved to a rural location near Pyongsong city during the Korean War (1950-3). When going to Pyongsong, we always arrange a visit to this secrete location; the Paeksongri Revolutionary site.

Departments & Facilities

There are 21 departments, mainly of social and natural sciences, and 11 institutes at Kim Il Sung University.

The university has an e-library, hospital, dorms, a swimming pool building with a 50 metre pool, gym, sauna, wading pool with slides, etc.


There are over 12,000 students enrolled on campus. Kim Il Sung University also has distance learning programmes.

Top DPRK guide, Kim Sung Mi, at Kim Il Sung University, where she majored in English studies.

The distance learning department started off with 300 students in 2015 when it opened and currently has over 12,000 people enrolled. Lessons are given to factories, institutes and other universities across the country.

Interesting Fact

In North Korea, each university has its own university pin, usually consisting of the university emblem or logo. Kim Il Sung University's pin is the only university pin in the DPRK with the images of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Sports Events

Sports events are held at the university on national holidays. As the university is the best in the country, national cadres go to see those events taking place on major holidays.

Our dear friend, and one of our favourite guides, Yu Jin Ok, studied at Kim Il Sung University.


Kim Il Sung University is located by Ryomyong Street in Taesong district.

Want to know how to go to Kim Il Sung university, learn more about it and see more pictures? Then read our full article! And remember, we run Korean language summer courses at the Pyongyang Tourism College!
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