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DPRK visa issued in Beijing

DPRK visa issued in Beijing

DPRK visa issued in Beijing
DPRK visa if issued in Beijing side 2

Dear all,

Please see below a standard question regarding how to visit North Korea.




"Dear sir,

I reside in Pretoria South Africa. How can I as a tourist visit North Korea?"


"Thank you for your email. In order to arrange your trip we will first send you a DPRK visa form together with instructions on how to fill it in. Once you fill it in you should send it so us (email/fax/mail are all fine) together with a scanned image of your passport and a coloured passport sized picture (digital or scanned) with a clear background. You do not need to send us your original passport at any moment.

Your visa will be handed to you in Beijing the day before heading to Pyongyang when we go over the pre-tour briefing with the other travellers.

Please bear in mind that you will need a double entry Chinese tourist visa (L visa) as you will enter China twice.

Your visa will be a separate document that will not be attached to your passport if issued in China. We can also arrange for it to be issued in a city with a DPRK embassy, consulate or delegation such as Hong Kong, London,
Paris, Berlin, etc. In this case you will have to hand your visa to the DPRK authorities there and your visa will be attached to your passport.

To see our group scheduled tours for 2011 please visit the page below. If none of the dates fit in with your plans we can also arrange private tours:


If you have any further questions, whichever these may be, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Kind regards,


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